What do you believe?

I saw this bumper sticker while driving home after a great session of sheep herding with Ellie. It really made me think and it hit home with me – how am I training Ellie? Am I using love rather than fear; building on her trust for me or building on her fear of me? When training Ellie to move away from discomfort am I really just playing on her fears of experiencing more discomfort and fear?

Looking at this ideal I have to say I believe that its true even though it isn’t very evident in our world today. I wont deny that I want it to be true or that I feel that this is how we were created to be. I wish our political leaders would take a look at it. But with positive dog training and new teaching methods in our schools I think we all know that its easier and more enjoyable to learn in a safe environment without the distractions and effects of fear. This doesn’t mean that we all apply this to the way we train our dogs or even with how we interact with other humans. Why is this? Because its easier to use fear? Because we enjoy the feeling of power when we use fear? Because we don’t want to take the time? Because we don’t know any other way? Because this is how we are used to doing things?

Is this true for you?
Is this evident in how you interact with your dog?
How do you motivate your dog to do what you ask?

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