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Glenna is the dog trainer/guru at Ponderay Pet Lodge with her own business: The Family Dog. Any one who has met her knows that she has had a lot of experience with dogs and has a knack for knowing where to draw the line and knowing what to do once you’ve decided where the line needs to be. She has a more traditional approach to training and has helped many families with their problem dogs, and even one family with a service dog.
Now I have to brag – and say don’t do this without a trainer: Glenna even used my Ellie to help out some dogs that don’t know how to behave with other dogs. This was so cool because Glenna was helping these ladies that had great dogs that just couldn’t cope well with other dogs around and didn’t know better than to be on the offensive. So Glenna knew that these dogs we’ren’t too serious (yes she KNOWS dogs!) and she knew that Ellie didn’t put up with dogs acting inappropriately and she asked me if she could use Ellie to help these dogs. Could she use her?! Oh, man I was having a great time. So of course Glenna brought in one dog at a time and let them talk to each other. It went something like this;
New Dog: “Hey, hey you! I don’t like you! This is how my older sister taught me to act so I’m just going to yell and hope you go away!!”
Ellie: “Who do you think you are coming into my dog park and making all that racket and acting like your all that?!”
New Dog: “Shes not backing up – shes not moving away… ohhh what do I do now?”
Ellie: “Be quiet, sniff nicely and be on your way!”
I had the great opportunity to help her with some classes this summer with a great group of people and their beloved dogs. Its so nice to have a trainer in Ponderay at a close yet quiet location where the dog park is right there for training opportunities.
For those of you interested in Agility this lady has experience in agility too! She just needs a group of people/dogs that would make it worth her time (because we are all busy) to do a class and a location. 🙂 Currently I’m trying to get in contact with some people about their arena…
This is a great lady to get to get know and work with.

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