Trying to find a puppy during COVID?

Good luck… Our country has had a shortage of well adjusted dogs for a long time. Don’t let PETA or the ASPCA convince you we have a population issue or that everyone who breeds animals is a criminal. We wouldn’t have good dogs without breeders. Where do working animals come from? Working lines. From breeders….

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EZY Dog Equipment

No site about dogs in North Idaho would be complete with out a post on EZY Dog so here it is! EZY Dog is a local company out of Sandpoint that makes quality equipment for dogs; collars, harnesses, leashes, packs, coats, etc. Their niche is in making dog products that work, last, and they all…


Post Sue Sternberg conference…

When I first heard Sue Sternberg say that this conference would change our lives I doubted it. Well, maybe it could change someone else’s life, but mine? After hearing tons of Christian speakers say the same thing I’ve come to hear that saying with critical ears. But, Sue Sternberg was right.


Visit the dogs at the shelter

Shelters, rescues, pounds, humane societies… Just like the animals they care for no two are alike. Up here in North Idaho we have a few shelters to pick from, most of which seem to be overflowing with animals they they are doing their best to care for.