Stocking Stuffers for Dog Lovers

Check your local pet store for these items – or if you can’t find them click the links to find them online!

Dog Bone Cookie Cutters

For those who like to make their own dog treats!











Collapsible Travel Bowl

This is a great item to keep in your car.







Treat Bag
If you’ve ever wanted to keep your pockets clean and your hands free while training this product was made for you! The wide opening makes for easy access and because of the way it snaps open and shut you wont be fiddling with a drawstring while your dog waits and forgets why your giving him a treat.




Dog Waste Bag Holder
The cute puppy dog character dispenser with green biodegradable bags has velcro strap for easy leash attachment.  With the soft fabric it wont bang against the leash like other hard plastic bag holders.

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