Public safety or dogs first?

It seems to me like Sue has a proper understanding of how dogs fit in our world as pets and not us in their world. This is essential because these dogs need homes with real people. For the sake of the dogs she wants good dog/owner matches to be made, not to unleash dangerous dogs to the unsuspecting public.

There is a lot of debate about dangerous dogs: if they can just be trained out of it to be reliable pets, or if they are born with a temperament that leaves them with a higher likelihood of killing, not just humans but other dogs too. Sue believes that every dog’s behavior is a mix of what it is born with, its owner’s influence, and its environment.
We all know that too many of us say ‘oh, my dog would never bite anyone’ or ‘don’t worry, my dog is friendly.’ Sue actually has a shirt made that shows a snarling dog lunging at the end of a leash with the owner barely holding on yelling ‘Don’t worry, he’s friendly!’ She said that when she wears it she gets so many comments of ‘Oh, thats soo my dog!’ or ‘My dog is just like that!’ One of my friends purchased the shirt so now we’ll get to see how a slice of North Idaho reacts to it 🙂

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