Post Sue Sternberg conference…

When I first heard Sue Sternberg say that this conference would change our lives I doubted it. Well, maybe it could change someone else’s life, but mine? After hearing tons of Christian speakers say the same thing I’ve come to hear that saying with critical ears. But, Sue Sternberg was right.

My life has changed. I will never look at dogs in the same way, without looking for certain types of marking (with shoulders and anus’), barking or yawning with or without teeth, body alignment, mirroring or interruptions. I wasn’t aware of any of these things before I went to her conference. And there’s more…

Sue (I hope nobody minds my use of ‘Sue’ since its the easiest way to refer to her, I’m not trying to imply I’m on a first name basis with her) asks the question: Is it okay to euthanize dangerous dogs? This is a very important question that all shelters/rescues face and nobody likes it or wants to think about it (not even Sue; when asked what she would do with a dog she would often reply with “it wasn’t in my shelter to decide”). If we don’t euthanize dangerous dogs what do we do with them? Is it possible to give a dog a ‘good’ or ‘humane’ life in a kennel setting? What happens when shelters adopt out dangerous dogs? What are we supposed to do with breeds that have been bred to be dangerous? One of my favorite Sue Sternberg-isms is: Why cant we breed a dog that wont bite a child reaching into their food bowl when we can breed a dog to bite one tiny area of a cow while herding (heeler) so that they are less likely to get kicked in the head? She asks so many good questions!

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