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Pend Orielle Divide Trail (#67)

I didn’t know about this trail until I did some research on trails in this area – be sure to comment if you have any more information on this hike!

Info provided by US FS.
Access 1: From Sandpoint take Hwy 200 east 12 miles to Trestle Creek Road 275; turn left onto Road 275 and go 12 miles to Lunch Peak Road 1091; turn left onto Road 1091 and go 4 miles to the trailhead located just below Lunch Peak lookout.

Access 2: Access to the northern end is via Hwy 200 east 6 miles to Colburn Culver Road; turn left and go 6 miles to Grouse Creek Road; turn right onto Grouse Creek Road and go 1.5 miles; turn right and go 12 miles to the end of Grouse Creek Road 280. This is the trailhead for Hemlock Trail 488; take Trail 488 approx. 4 miles to the junction with Trail 67

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