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Meet Pawsitive Works

Pawsitive Works™ helps struggling youth identify and modify damaging behavior patterns through the training of behaviorally challenged homeless dogs. They are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping youth at risk through animal assisted activities with shelter dogs.
Pawsitive Works
Their training, curriculum and outcome based activities are research based and focus on providing youth with a chance to experience the benefits of helping unwanted dogs become more adoptable. Our reading, writing and training exercises are designed to correlate behavior modification needs in both the dogs and the youth.
Pawsitive Works™ pairs community animal shelter/rescue organizations with county juvenile probation agencies and high schools. The program helps struggling youth identify and modify damaging behavior patterns through the training of behaviorally challenged homeless dogs. Many youth with problem behaviors will be able to identify behavior issues in the dogs they are working with and apply the same principles of modification in training the dogs for themselves.

The youth’s responsibility for modifying canine problem behaviors with the assistance of adults trained in canine positive reinforcement methods help the youth build self-esteem and respect for the needs of others, as well as an awareness of how they can contribute in positive ways to their own communities and a life-long awareness of the needs of dogs.

This program targets the following areas of concern:

• Shelters often lack the staff to provide enrichment opportunities to the housed dogs.
» Dogs involved in this program are enriched through increased opportunities to learn through positive reinforement. Youth provide much needed love and attention to the dogs.
• Dogs with problem behaviors are often overlooked by potential adopter
» This program steps youth through positive reinforcement training that significantly impacts the increased incidents of good behaviors in the dogs.
• High recidivism in all communities across the United States poses significant financial problems to our judicial agencies and tax payers.
» The Pawsitive Works program seeks to reduce recidivism and increase positive decision-making skills of the youth involved. Measurements from pilot programs point to the accomplishment of this goal.
• Punitive measures frequently lack a behavior modification component necessary to help youth change damaging behavior patterns.
» Some of the more evident areas that are affected through this program include:
• Goal Setting
• Empathy
• Self-Esteem (internal/external assets)
• Communication

This dog is a part of the Sandpoint Pawsitive Works program.

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