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My rant about the “Breeders” list on the Breeders page

Okay, so I’ve made a page with a list of breeders in our north Idaho and I am sure there are a lot more people breeding dogs that I don’t have listed. No, I have not contacted any of them but all of these people are or have been advertising themselves.

These are contacts that have listed themselves in different classifieds in our area (if you sell puppies and aren’t a breeder I don’t know what you are). Since I have never talked with or seen these dogs I cannot say if the breeders are reputable (breed for temperament, give dogs proper exercise / attention / living conditions, have limited numbers of litters, take back their dogs if there are problems etc.). It would be awesome if people who have met these breeders could give us some feedback. I am a huge rescue advocate but I do know that there are some breeders out there who do a good job and only sell their dogs to people who will care for them and be the dog’s dream owner. On the other hand there a back yard breeders who use their dogs for money. This area has seen way too many puppy mills and I personally feel that there should be more regulation on how many litters can be produced per dog and that every dog bred should have a Canine Good Citizen certification. What does it say there are breeders with names like Prison Bound Bullies, or Cape Fear Kennels? I’m somewhat glad to say those specific breeders are not in our area.
Honestly, after looking at the number of breeders in this area, did anyone have a clue as to how many people are making money off of breeding dogs when our rescues are overflowing??
Why are people still paying hundreds of dollars for a puppy in this economy?
Why aren’t more people rescuing dogs?

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