K-9 Keg Pull 2010!

Once again, Sandpoint’s Winter Carnival K-9 Keg Pull was a hit! A big thank you to Eichardts, Ezy Dog, and all the other volunteers that made it possible.

Here is a slide show of Ellie on her run, as you’ll see she stopped just a couple feet in front of the finish line because I didn’t throw the ball quite far enough!
For a simple $5 donation to Panhandle Animal Shelter dog owners got one run in the keg pull, or if you didn’t have a dog (or just wanted to show off a shelter dog) you could run a dog from the Panhandle Animal Shelter. People from all over the area came to have fun and see if their dog would pull an appropriately sized empty keg (beer can sized keg for the purse dogs, with three bigger sizes for the bigger dogs). The fun is in watching the dogs: some go up to the kids on the side lines, some pee on the kegs, others wont move because they think they are tied up, others are just so goofy you have to laugh. Who would have thought a community would have so much fun showing off their dogs and not one dog fight would occur? 🙂
For those of you who went you can probably find a picture of your self posted on the web (and for sale, don’t ask me if its legal or not) on the Daily Bee website.

Feel free to post your own pictures from the Keg Pull in the comment section. 🙂

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  1. I just talked with some friends who went to the Keg Pull. They had a good time but their dogs got Kennel Cough. They weren’t vaccinated against it and they all caught it. Be sure to vaccinate your dog if you want to go next year.

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