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How do you train your dog to obey without a bribe?

Isn’t this what we all want? Trainers recommend using treats, toys, affection, play drive, pain and fear to get our pets to do what we ask. Is there such a thing as a dog that wants to do what we ask? All dogs need different levels of motivation but how do we actually build a relationship?

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Here is a link that describes the different methods used in training. This page explains positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment, flooding, luring, extinction etc.

Here is a link to Silvia Trkmas’s training philosophy. My favorite is “9. dogs work best when they work for themselves. Don’t ask them for a favour to work with you. Make them ask you for a favour to work with them.” Watch some of her videos on youtube and you will see why she is a 2 time world champion / 12 time world team member in agility.

I’m going to post videos as I find them to this blog. Please leave feedback and tell us what you do!
Here is a video of Ian Dunbar explaining how to fade out treats so luring doesn’t turn into a bribe:

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