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Games to play with your dog: Hide and Seek

This is a great game you can play inside and outside.

Your dog needs to know how to come and stay if your playing alone.

To play tell your dog to stay or have someone hold him. Get him all excited by bouncing around and saying his name. Then run off behind a corner or tree. Poke your head out and say the dog’s name and a release command (so the dog knows he can go get you) and a find command. Make sure that if you have some one holding your dog that they release him too. When your dog finds you be sure to praise him and give him a treat or a toy.
You can make this game more challenging by hiding; out of your dog’ sight, upstairs/downstairs, in the dark, under a blanket, etc.! Your imagination is the only limit here. 🙂

This is also a great way to see if your dog might have fun being a part of Search and Rescue.

Let us know how your brain games go!

For more games check out K9 Domain.

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