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No site about dogs in North Idaho would be complete with out a post on EZY Dog so here it is!

EZY Dog is a local company out of Sandpoint that makes quality equipment for dogs; collars, harnesses, leashes, packs, coats, etc. Their niche is in making dog products that work, last, and they all look good. Their products are geared toward outdoor fun with your dog; what could be more perfect for North Idaho?
Honestly I wasn’t so sure about a local company making dog products that actually work. Their products have a sporty look and feel with lots of neoprene and basically anything that fashionable pops up red flags in my mind because people will buy what looks cool even if it doesn’t necessarily work. With the combination of looks and being local it seemed obvious why they were still in business. That is what I thought before I started meeting people that loved their dog’s collar that didn’t stink or put one of their harnesses on my dog (at the Keg Pull) and saw for myself that they really took the time to make it ergonomic and easy to put on, never mind that you can get it in pink camo.
One of the other products I’m impressed with is their new dog pack. So far this is the only dog pack with a nice harness style, adjustable, neck made out of a material that will mold to your dogs neck. In the reviews the only complaint was that it slide’s over the dog’s head when its sniffing and that it isn’t great for picking up your dog with the handle, but the first thing this reviewer said was how much he loved it. Most dog backpacks aren’t made for picking up dogs, but my bet is EZY Dog will fix the problem.
Another plus about small companies like this is that they care, check out EZY Dog’s T-shirt. If you read about it you’ll find out that every time someone buys this shirt $10 is donated to the Panhandle Animal Shelter. You can also listen to a podcast interview with John Hatcher, founder, on the doggiechronicles.com.
What’s your favorite EZY Dog product?

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