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Six Great Uses for an Invisible Dog Fence

Your dogs’ safety is your number one priority, and keeping them safe means keeping them at home. If you have a yard for them to enjoy, how do you ensure they stay in it? Tethering them with a leash or chain is unsafe, and not everyone can afford an expensive traditional fence. Have you ever considered getting an invisible dog fence? Besides the fact that the total invisible fence cost is very low, there are many other reasons you might be interested in getting one.

Enclose a Yard of Any Size or Shape
An electric fence for dogs is more versatile than a traditional fence, because the wire can be manipulated to fit any yard. If your yard is oddly shaped, or if you want to create a customized dog area, you can easily adjust the wire to your needs. Large yards or ranches are also more easily enclosed by an underground dog fence, and for a much lower total cost, too. Additional wire is significantly less expensive than purchasing more fence sections.

Create Boundaries Indoors
Indoor pet barriers are excellent for containing your dogs inside without forcing them to stay in a crate or one locked room. You can keep your dogs out of the kitchen, for example, with ease, by installing a small invisible fence barrier in the kitchen doorway. If you have pets that don’t get along, you can use indoor barriers to keep them in separate areas of the house. Indoor invisible fences can be easily moved around as needed.

Protect Your Dogs When Travelling
You can even use invisible dog fences when you’re traveling, because they are so easily moved. A wireless dog fence is especially easy to bring and set up while you’re on the road. If you have an RV camper, for example, you can create a perimeter around it with a wireless electric dog fence system. Because you can fix the position and range of the system, your dogs will always know how far their boundaries extend around the RV after you’ve trained them once.

Enclose Your Gardens
If your dogs are fond of digging, your garden might be paying the price. If your garden or flower beds are situated inside your backyard, it can be difficult to keep your dogs out of them. With a DIY electric fence, however, you can create exclusion zones, which are areas within the yard that your dog cannot enter. You can protect your garden from mischievous, digging dogs by creating an exclusion zone around it.

Separate Chickens or Other Livestock
Chicken coops can also be enclosed with dog fence wire to keep your dogs away from your poultry. Dogs with hunting instincts can kill or injure chickens, or frighten them enough that their egg-laying patterns are disrupted, so it’s best to give them space. You can also separate your dogs from other livestock as needed, such as goats or sheep. Giving your dogs their own zone away from other animals allows your dogs to feel safe and secure, too.

Backup Protection for Determined Dogs
Some dogs simply cannot be contained by a traditional fence. Whether they consistently dig underneath, break through the slats, or leap over top, you cannot trust them to be alone in the backyard without risking their escape. An underground dog fence buried along the perimeter of your existing fence will ensure your dogs cannot get out. The extra layer of protection will give you peace of mind.

If you’d like to consider an invisible dog fence, be sure to check out online invisible fence reviews, which will help you compare and contrast the features of the leading systems. Online customer reviews are also helpful for learning about what works and doesn’t work in different situations. Different sizes of dogs may require different e-collars, and the size of your yard might also influence the type of system and amount of wire you’ll need. Remember that once you’ve installed your own dog fence, training your dog to use it is the most important part.

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What do you think about fencing dogs in general?  Many problems arise from it but it also can be a safety issue and convenience.  There are different types of containment, how do you feel about electric fences verses chain link verses solid fences?

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