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Dirty Dog Park Adventures

If anyone has been to the Pend Oreille Dog Park lately they know not to go back until the ground freezes, it snows, or by some miraculous event, the mud dries up. That is unless you like your dog to be caked in a mud / dog poop combination. A combination that you will also be washing off your shoes, pants, gloves, and car. The things we go through for our dogs…

Ellie the Border Collie wishing she never had to stop having fun
Ellie the Border Collie wishing she never had to stop having fun

I honestly have to say its too bad that our dog park can’t be a little bit bigger so that dogs (and their humans) could walk around and not tear up the same bit of grass over and over. A lot of parks that have the luxury of space have found that fewer dog fights occur when people travel with their dogs, rather than just congregate in one area. I think this is pretty neat because it also encourages people to have a better recall on their dogs; because when you are moving your dog will have to actively keep track of you, just like you will have to actively keep track of your dog.
With my own experience I’ve found that when I am walking I am much more likely to enforce a recall (a ‘come’ command because I’d rather not have to backtrack to search for my dog. If I keep track of her, I can call her and just keep going if she comes, if she doesn’t come it doesn’t take as long to just walk over to her, get her attention and invite her to come along. At the dog park, for some reason, its different. If I call my dog and she doesn’t come its a lot more inconvenient to stop my conversation to go get her, not to mention how embarrassing it is, especially when its not uncommon for dogs not to come to their owners in the dog park. I wouldn’t wan’t to look like a nit-picky stickler when my dog is just having fun, would I? On the other hand, do I want to reinforce my dog not coming to me when I ask at the dog park?
For now we’ll just have to dream about snow and find other places for outside fun…

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