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Collie Club Herding Fun in Mead

Everyone had fun on Saturday when dogs were introduced to herding sheep and ducks!
Here are some more of the participants:

Dogs were brought in with sheep or ducks with their owner and a trainer to see how they reacted. Some dogs showed a lot of interest and immediately started to circle or drive the sheep. Others were unsure about what to do or if they were ‘allowed’ to interact with the sheep. Dog that did show appropriate interest were given a title from the AHBA. These ‘Herding Capability Tested’ dogs will hopefully get to do some more herding!
Some other dogs and their handlers went out for their ‘Junior Herding Dog’ titles and they did a little more with the sheep and ducks. Here is a video that shows one of the runs on the ducks. You can see how keen she is on the sheep and doesn’t notice the ducks at first.

Thank you to everyone that made this event possible!

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