Choosing a dog food…

“You are what you eat.”

These days those words are even more true with the rates of cancer in humans and dogs and other nutritional related maladies such as obesity and diabetes. Around 45% of dogs in the US are overweight(1). What that means is that those dogs will die on average 2 years sooner than dogs that are a healthy weight. But we don’t just feed our dogs food, we give them treats, dental chews, maybe even supplements or pro-biotics. Does your dog eat human food? Is it bad to give a dog human food? What about those expensive raw diets that take forever to prepare?

Whatever your budget you can look at websites, books, talk to experts or even just other dog owners! I’ve met people who swear by Alpo and others that swear by Science Diet (relize that these are two of the worst foods you can feed your dog, click here for more info).

If you want to see an awesome chart of commercial dog foods rated by ingredients, additives, fillers etc. check out In the left hand navigation bar you can look at foods that received 5 scoops (your best choices) all the way to 0 scoops (the ones you should probably avoid. But not only do they give you the dog foods the site tells you why they choose the foods and gives great information on how to look at labels and more.

Remember your local pet store should be very knowledgeable about dog foods! Ask what they feed their best friend!

1. Association for Pet Obesity Prevention:

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