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Centennial Trail Stystem

Here is a trail that everyone in North Idaho has heard of, even if they don’t live near Coeur d’Alene… 🙂
This trail asks that all pets be on leash, with a pack it in pack it out, and don’t disturb the environment (i.e. don’t let your dogs dig everything up). I think this trail would be an awesome trail for bikejoring or scootering. Bikers are asked to only ride two abreast and not go over 15 mph. There are events held on the trail so if your dog doesn’t do well with big groups of people you might check out the North Idaho Centennial Trail website to make sure there wont be a marathon going on! I would also recommend that site if you are looking for directions to get to the trail because there are so many different ways to get to it.
You can also check the Parks Dept. site for more information or the website.

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