Dog trainers in North Idaho.

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Flyball anyone?

I’ve just found out that Glenna Hendrix of The Family Dog in Ponderay will be teaching flyball classes this summer! Anyone interested in participating should contact her to reserve their spot in the class. Call Glenna at (208) 255-7687 or (208) 255-7041.


What do you believe?

I saw this bumper sticker while driving home after a great session of sheep herding with Ellie. It really made me think and it hit home with me – how am I training Ellie? Am I using love rather than fear; building on her trust for me or building on her fear of me? When…

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Forget About Being Alpha in Your Pack

Here is an amazing article with some surprising information… by Kathy Sdao, MA, CAAB All Rights Reserved – Used with permission In their recent book “Made to Stick,” Chip and Dan Heath detail the characteristics that make an idea or explanation “sticky.” According to their analysis, stories that are simple, unexpected, and concrete capture our…

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Getting along with our doggie in-laws

This Christmas we went over to my parent’s in the Seattle area. They have a great black standard poodle named Monty. He’s around 5, has a bad hip and generally likes everything that walks in the front door, especially if he can manage to stick his nose in its crotch. Unfortunately Ellie, my border collie,…


The ‘Alpha Dog’ theory

I am shamelessly copying this statement from Ahimsa’s blog – I added the italics. Association of Pet Dog Trainers Position Statement There has been a resurgence in citing “dominance” as a factor in dog behavior and dog-human relationships. This concept is based on outdated wolf studies that have long since been disproven. Contrary to popular…


Kalea Shelties

Okay – I think we’ve all seen her bright yellow signs at the Pet Store, Pan Handle Animal Shelter etc. She also just put out a nice business card with a website on it that seems to be down whenever I try to look at it. Karen Horton does obedience training, grooming, and sells Petlane…