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Pup-A-Tunities Class Starting in April!

 Class starts Thursday, April 3 2014 and runs for 5 weeks in Sandpoint.  This course is designed to give puppies a healthy balance of socialization and training that is easy for any dog owner.  Pup-A-Tunities gives owners the understanding it takes to train any behavior or get rid of any pesky, annoying behavior while maintaining…


Teaching your dog to come – reliably!

If you look at this video you can see how easy it is to tap into a puppy’s brain to communicate that you want the dog to chase you – or come to you. This is a fun and natural way to introduce this concept to your puppy. Most dogs will think that whatever you…


Why Positive Training?

When people in the US first started taking their dogs to dog training classes, the vast majority of the knowledge of dog training came from training dogs for the military.  This meant that they used aggressive methods designed to train the dogs as quickly as possible with a high rate of failure. These methods were…

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The Guilty Look

Have you seen this video? Take a look at what that sweet lab is doing – squinting, wagging her tail, looking away… All of these behaviors are appeasement behaviors, things dogs do in order to avoid making us mad. It has nothing to do with