Book Review: Bones Would Rain From the Sky by Suzanne Clothier

Here is a book that anyone who has ever enjoyed a connection with animal, whether it was simply making eye contact with a wild bird for a fleeting instant or living life with multiple pets, will enjoy and learn from. This is a book about understanding dogs and helping people deepen their relationships with their own canine companions. In it Suzanne not only allows the reader to have confidence in their intuition, she demonstrates how listening to ‘the still small voice’ leads to a relationship based on trust. In dog training it is easy to believe that your dog should do everything you ask. It is funny how we get a dog for a relationship but so often when we train force and science take over. We all know that relationships are two way roads with give and take. When on a date do you demand certain behaviors? Do you expect your partner to do the dishes everyday whenever you happen to ask? Just like we have respect for other people, Suzanne explains, if we respect our dog’s needs we will be on the right track for learning the dance steps that express our foundational desire to love and be loved. Listening to your dog will prevent breaking his trust. It will allow you to both become more in tune with each other resulting in a harmony that speaks of your childhood dog, the one you never had to ‘train’, the one that just understood you, a dog that you love and loves you without restraint…

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