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Book Review: Beyond Fetch by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

Beyond Fetch
Beyond Fetch
For Christmas my mother in law gave me a book that I’ve really been enjoying – Beyond Fetch. Of course I saw the border collie and borzoi on the front and instantly liked it, but I had done a bit of research before putting the book on my wish list and its living up to its reputation as a book that has some meat to it with new ideas that will entertain you and your dog.
I think a big problem for people these days is staying active with their dogs, something that is healthy for both ends of the equation and builds up trust and respect, resulting in a stronger bond. This book has some awesome activities for when its freezing out side, like right now, outside games, sports, parties, toys, etc… Unlike a lot of books out there she has a multitude of games that anybody can play with their dog and under each title she says what abilities your dog needs in order to play the game, such as ‘fetch’. Does your dog need to already know how to fetch before you get this book? No, she has great ways to teach your dog fetch and even how to train a sit and more. She does have a good knowledge of dog breed tendencies and will warn you if your Jack Russell Terrier starts getting obsessive over chasing lasers to stop because they are known (along with Bull Terriers) for being light and shadow chasers – apparently in some cases the dogs stop socializing with humans and stop eating. Unfortunately I know a Jack Russell / Mini Pin mix that has become light obsessive and has run trails in the carpet chasing light while his owners are away.
In conclusion this is a real book for real dog owners that want to do more with their dogs and just need some good ideas to get them off in the right direction. Any of her games can be modified for your lifestyle and she gives warnings for all games that might produce destructive behavior. She’s done her research and this isn’t just a money-making fluff book.

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