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Behavior | Training

The Guilty Look

Have you seen this video? Take a look at what that sweet lab is doing – squinting, wagging her tail, looking away… All of these behaviors are appeasement behaviors, things dogs do in order to avoid making us mad. It has nothing to do with

Locally made

Locally Made Dog Gear!

EZY Dog has a great line of products that you have probably seen at your local pet store but did you know that their headquarters are here in North Idaho? The makers of the first shock absorbing leash (for anyone who doesn’t want their shoulders pulled out of their sockets) with a great handle that…

Locally made

Locally made dog vitamins!

Thorne Research Pet Vitamins/Supplements Made just a few minutes west of Sandpoint these vitamins are probably the freshest vitamins you can buy for your pet – or yourself for that matter! After my doctor recommended them to me I realized they made products for dogs as well. Check out what they have to offer your…

Locally made

Locally made dog treats!

Does your dog love local treats as much as you do? Here is a list of some of the local goodies available: Pine St. Bakery Fresh dog treats daily! 710 Pine Street, Sandpoint (208) 263-9012 Libby’s Best Dog Bakery Made locally in Hayden, Idaho these USDA certified organic dog treats are sure to please even…

Herding | News

Collie Club Herding Fun in Mead

Everyone had fun on Saturday when dogs were introduced to herding sheep and ducks! Here are some more of the participants: Dogs were brought in with sheep or ducks with their owner and a trainer to see how they reacted. Some dogs showed a lot of interest and immediately started to circle or drive the…


Search and Rescue Dogs in Japan

As we all know Search and Rescue dog teams have been deployed to Japan to help find survivors of the aftermath. Here is an article about some of the teams from the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. This group rescues dogs out of shelters and trains them for Search and Rescue. Sandpoint has even had…