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Trying to find a puppy during COVID?

Good luck… Our country has had a shortage of well adjusted dogs for a long time. Don’t let PETA or the ASPCA convince you we have a population issue or that everyone who breeds animals is a criminal. We wouldn’t have good dogs without breeders. Where do working animals come from? Working lines. From breeders….


Dog Fence DIY Guest Post

This post was written by Dog Fence DIY. Six Great Uses for an Invisible Dog Fence Your dogs’ safety is your number one priority, and keeping them safe means keeping them at home. If you have a yard for them to enjoy, how do you ensure they stay in it? Tethering them with a leash…

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Pup-A-Tunities Class Starting in April!

 Class starts Thursday, April 3 2014 and runs for 5 weeks in Sandpoint.  This course is designed to give puppies a healthy balance of socialization and training that is easy for any dog owner.  Pup-A-Tunities gives owners the understanding it takes to train any behavior or get rid of any pesky, annoying behavior while maintaining…


Teaching your dog to come – reliably!

If you look at this video you can see how easy it is to tap into a puppy’s brain to communicate that you want the dog to chase you – or come to you. This is a fun and natural way to introduce this concept to your puppy. Most dogs will think that whatever you…