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Activities for your dog while you’re away

Does your dog have a hard time while you are not at home? Some dogs will be okay some days but not other days. Here are some things you can do to help your dog keep his mind at ease. Some people don’t even use dog bowls to feed their dog – they simply put kibble specially designed toys to make their dog work for its food!
Give him/her a pacifier toy (a toy the dog will enjoy alone);
a Kong stuffed with peanutbutter and frozen
Bouncy Bone
Twist-n-Treat Toy
Tornado Toy
Chew toys like the Terrabone
or Nylabone
There are tons of toys like these! Beware of products that aren’t made in the US because they may cause a choking hazard if they are not high quality, check to see if they will stain your carpet or not, and take a look at their nutrition (i.e. pigs ears are very fatty and wouldn’t be the best option for an overweight dog). There are other toys such as the Tricky Treat Ball and the Buster Cube that are also interactive for your dog but are difficult to clean.

To get the most out of any interactive toy be sure to give it to the dog for the first few times while you are at home. Then you can start giving it to the dog while you take a step outside for a few minutes and then work your way up to longer periods. You don’t want to teach your dog that when you prepare him a kong that you will be leaving. Some dogs wont touch their toy/treat if they know you are leaving but will gladly play with it/eat it when you get home. We all want our dogs to have some mental stimulation while we are away instead of barking, scratching, licking or otherwise entertain themselves in negative ways. Remember that these are special toys that the dog only has for a certain amount of time. If the toy lays out all day it looses its novelty which typically means that dogs will loose interest in the toy rather quickly.

You should be able to find some of these toys at your local pet store, if not maybe they’ll be able to order it for you!

What are your dog’s favorite interactive toys?

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  1. I got Ellie a Tug A Jug and I just wanted to let people know that your dogs will need help when they first get the toy to figure out how to get the food out. I’ve seen a video of a dog doing it and Ellie has needed a lot of help and encouragement. After three days I can see teeth marks in the rubber around the mouth of the jug but I think it’ll hold up.

    Here is a video of her with it!

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