Rawhides can be a great chew toy for dogs. They help keep their teeth clean, provide them with mental stimulation and can keep them from getting into trouble by chewing on other things. MAny dog owners have realized that giving your dog something do to keeps them much happier and less likely do perform behaviors that get them in trouble! But how healthy are raw hides? Other options, such as pigs ears, are said to be too fatty. What else should be looked at before deciding to give our dogs raw hides?

Things to look for:
Does the packaging tell you to wash your hands after handling a raw hide?
Will the raw hide stain your carpet?
Is it made in the USA?

Does your dog:
Have a sensitive stomach?
Have sensitive gums?
Have a large amount of plaque build up?
Tend to swallow large objects?

Do you have a favorite brand of rawhide? What about the different shapes – do you think that some are safer than others?

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