A Great Power Point on Canine Body Language!

If you are interested in learning more about how dogs communicate then this is a great power point designed for you.    Go ahead and print it out, make notes, write in experiences you’ve had and see what triggers your dog.  Many times we think we know what is going on in our dog’s head and this will give you confidence in knowing more about how your dog is feeling when exhibiting certain behaviors.

What are the most important signs to look for?

What is it about a look that a dog gives me that lets me know how he is feeling?


Thank you BlueDogTraining.com for this great information!

Like to Cross Country Ski With Your Dog? Skijoring might be for you

More snow is just around the corner! Skijoring is a sport like mushing – but you only need one dog instead of a team. If your dog already pulls you have a headstart on the rest of us becuase in this sport your dog actually pulls you. There is a little training involved but once your dog gets the hang of it he might become an addict! Continue reading Like to Cross Country Ski With Your Dog? Skijoring might be for you

Locally Made Anticeptic Specifically For Dog Pads!

Tuff N Up
Handhills Tuff N Up is a great product to help out dogs with cut, torn or worn down pads. This is a solution that you put on your dog’s pads to help your dog’s feet “tuff n up” and prepare for the snow or just for a long hike or a jog on pavement. I have more than one friend who took their dog for a bike ride and their dog ran until he had worn his pads so low they actually bled – a lot. Sled dog mushers, sheep herders and agility people all know the importance of keeping their dog’s feet healthy and are proactive about it but it is just as important for weekend warriors. This product is safe and doesn’t have any artificial dyes like similar products out there. If you herd you know Handhills out of Coeur d’Alene and they only sell products that they use on their own dogs.

Click here to visit their website where you can order online. I love the photos they have of how fast pads heal with Tuff N Up!

Locally Made Dog Gear!

EZY Dog has a great line of products that you have probably seen at your local pet store but did you know that their headquarters are here in North Idaho? The makers of the first shock absorbing leash (for anyone who doesn’t want their shoulders pulled out of their sockets) with a great handle that is soft on your hands. Or if you are looking for a collar that wont stink after being worn for a couple of months these guys have some great solutions. Known for their outstanding leashes, harnesses, and collars they offer a lot more. Check out their site to see all they have to offer!