North Idaho Dogs

I would like to make this a page that is all about OUR dogs… For posting pictures and bragging about how amazing our dogs are. If you are interested in finding other dog people to do things with such as Search and Rescue or Agility say so!
Your picture will need to be embeded – so for all of us normal people that means that it needs to be on the internet already. So lets say you use Picasa and have a picture on your web album. View the picture in your online album and on the right hand side there will be blue letters saying “Link to this Photo” click on that. Then two things will pop up: “Link” and “Embed Photo”. Copy all of the text in the “Embed Photo” text box and paste it into your comment box wherever you want the photo to appear.
If what you just read wasn’t English then just e-mail me a photo of your dog and I’ll add it to your post. 😉

5 thoughts on “North Idaho Dogs”

  1. I know Jade and her owners. This photo says so much. She’s one healthy dog in mind and body. thanks to her devoted and knowledgeable family. Hers is a wonderful story of a dog reaching its potential and going beyond. It takes vision and her ‘parents’ have it. Beautiful dog, lovely situation. I wish her life for every dog.

  2. “Hi I am Jade. This photo was taken just after my first herding experience. I am a bit puzzled. Although I am not allowed to herd moose, elk, deer, horses, mules, or cattle, apparently sheep are fair game.” Jade was rescued by Mary Ann Lindsey, who coincidentally is the same rescuer that saved Ellie in the above post. Jade was on death row and her time was up when Mary Ann came to the rescue. Jade has given my husband and I so many special gifts of love and fun that we can’t imagine life without her. Our aerobic health has improved too because Jade requires ENORMOUS amounts of physical exercise plus daily mind work. She enjoys tracking, mousing, swimming, agility, hiking, and pretty much any activity we have thought up.

  3. We’ll add!
    Name : Dottie
    Breed : Labrador Retriever

    Favorite thing to do : hang out with her family and just let loose! She enjoys the show ring and has a big future in the conformation and obedience ring!

  4. Suka
    Feb 4, 2007
    Siberian Husky / Wolf
    Loves playing in the snow and with other dogs! He’s a sweet boy that likes to use his voice and say hi to everyone. He looks like his grandma. His mom was all white and his dad dark brown and black! You’ve probably seen him if you’ve been up to Schweitzer on the weekends. 🙂

  5. I’ll start by introducing my dog:
    Smooth Coat Border Collie
    Loves search and rescue, herding sheep, fetching, tricks and hikes! She would have a blast doing agility if it were offered in Sandpoint. You can check out some videos of her on too!

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