More parks open to dogs in Sandpoint

Here is the proof (from

Ordinance No. 1248 – Dogs in Hickory Park

(adopted November 17, 2010)

Leashed dogs (a maximum of 3 per handler) will be allowed in Hickory Park on a trial basis, January 1, 2011, through December 1, 2011, with exceptions: No dogs are allowed inside the children’s playground area, the basketball court, or the skate feature.

Ordinance No. 1247 – Dogs in Lakeview Park

(adopted November 17, 2010)

Leashed dogs (a maximum of 3 per handler) are now allowed in Lakeview Park on a permanent basis, with exceptions: No dogs are allowed in the children’s playground area, within the fenced tennis courts, or within the boundaries of the basketball court. Dogs are not allowed inside the fence at Memorial Field.

Pend Oreille Dog Park

The “Little city with a big future” has its own dog park! If you live in Sandpoint you may not even be aware that there is a fully fenced dog park within ten minutes. All you have to do is go north out of Sandpoint on 95 until you hit Kootenai Cutoff (Walmart) and turn right. Go past Walmart until you see Pend Orielle Veterinary Services and park in their parking lot. The park is set back from the road and has a few trees where you will see everyone standing in the summers. If your hoping to meet other dogs and you have a dog that does well with others try going around 2:30 – 3:00 on a weekday and your bound to meet some other devoted dog owners.

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Let us know what your experience was like at Pend Orielle Dog Park and post your photos.

Pend Orielle Divide Trail (#67)

I didn’t know about this trail until I did some research on trails in this area – be sure to comment if you have any more information on this hike!

Info provided by US FS.
Access 1: From Sandpoint take Hwy 200 east 12 miles to Trestle Creek Road 275; turn left onto Road 275 and go 12 miles to Lunch Peak Road 1091; turn left onto Road 1091 and go 4 miles to the trailhead located just below Lunch Peak lookout.

Access 2: Access to the northern end is via Hwy 200 east 6 miles to Colburn Culver Road; turn left and go 6 miles to Grouse Creek Road; turn right onto Grouse Creek Road and go 1.5 miles; turn right and go 12 miles to the end of Grouse Creek Road 280. This is the trailhead for Hemlock Trail 488; take Trail 488 approx. 4 miles to the junction with Trail 67

Mineral Point Trail (#82)

Here is a summation of what others say about it: scenic views of the Green Monarchs and Lake Pend Oreille from this 2.1 mile single track bike or hiking trail. Take Highway 95 south from Sandpoint 6 miles to Sagle Road, turn left and go 6 miles to the Garfield Bay turn-off on the right, drive 2 miles to Garfield Bay. You can park here if you want a long walk or continue on Green Bay Cutoff Road going north about .4 miles to Road 532 then right about 2 miles to the trail head.

Check out the US FS page on Mineral Point.

Grouse Creek Falls

The spectacular cascading falls are a must see. Go 6 miles east on Highway 200 from Sandpoint, then north onto Colburn-Culver Road. Go 6 miles to Grouse Creek Cut-Off Road on the right, then about two miles to join Grouse Creek or Forest Service Road 280. Go right and continue approximately 4 miles staying on Road 280 and watch for a small open meadow on the left. Just beyond the meadow on the right is an unmarked road going down a hill to the trail head #83.

Check out some amazing photography of the falls here:

Schweitzer Mountain Resort Trails

There are miles of trails for all levels of riders and hikers. Friday through Sunday during the summer you can take your bike up on the Great Escape Quad Lift and ride down an advanced 3.5 mile bike trail. Free maps are available at Schweitzer. Highway 95 to Schweitzer Cut-off Road, right onto Boyer, left at Schweitzer Mountain Road for nine miles to the ski area.