Are you going to a Westminster Dog Show party?

People in the Sandpoint / Coeur d’Alene have their options! Up north the Panhandle Animal Shelter is having a party at the Laughing Dog Brewing Co. Tasting Room. There are two events going on in Coeur d’Alene: one at Cricket’s downtown Bar & Grill and the other is at Fedora Bar & Grill! Check out the calendar in the right side bar for more information ——>
Click here to watch a video by Reuters on the Westminster!
Click here to go to the Westminster Kennel Club website.
Make a comment if you know of any other parties!

The Sue Sternberg Debate

There are a lot of people that think this lady is an impressive shelter dog advocate. Others think she is ‘bad’ because she promotes euthanasia (the ‘enemy’) for dogs that are dangerous. She has been working with dogs in the shelter setting for decades and has multiple rescues in her own home. In my mind she has dedicated her life to watching dogs and really understanding when they are dangerous in order to save as many dogs with good temperaments as possible. When a dog is truly dangerous there are only two safe options: let it live in a kennel setting or euthanasia.
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Post Sue Sternberg conference…

When I first heard Sue Sternberg say that this conference would change our lives I doubted it. Well, maybe it could change someone else’s life, but mine? After hearing tons of Christian speakers say the same thing I’ve come to hear that saying with critical ears. But, Sue Sternberg was right.
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