Dirty Dog Park Adventures

If anyone has been to the Pend Oreille Dog Park lately they know not to go back until the ground freezes, it snows, or by some miraculous event, the mud dries up. That is unless you like your dog to be caked in a mud / dog poop combination. A combination that you will also be washing off your shoes, pants, gloves, and car. The things we go through for our dogs…

Ellie the Border Collie wishing she never had to stop having fun
Ellie the Border Collie wishing she never had to stop having fun

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My rant about the “Breeders” list on the Breeders page

Okay, so I’ve made a page with a list of breeders in our north Idaho and I am sure there are a lot more people breeding dogs that I don’t have listed. No, I have not contacted any of them but all of these people are or have been advertising themselves.
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Book Review: Beyond Fetch by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

Beyond Fetch
Beyond Fetch
For Christmas my mother in law gave me a book that I’ve really been enjoying – Beyond Fetch. Of course I saw the border collie and borzoi on the front and instantly liked it, but I had done a bit of research before putting the book on my wish list and its living up to its reputation as a book that has some meat to it with new ideas that will entertain you and your dog.
I think a big problem for people these days is staying active with their dogs, something that is healthy for both ends of the equation and builds up trust and respect, resulting in a stronger bond. This book has some awesome activities for when its freezing out side, like right now, outside games, sports, parties, toys, etc… Continue reading Book Review: Beyond Fetch by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

Cold/Flu Season…

Well my dog has caught it, has yours? She woke up one morning with some bright green eye goupies, a sneeze and itchy eyes. She’s had eye goupies before and I think that perhaps that might be the first sign that her white blood cells are going to town on something. She had them so often this spring without other apparent symptoms that it looked like she had a minor allergy. This time, one of her best doggy friends (Suka) had green eye amigos and then a couple days latter so did my dog Ellie. Is it a cold or a flu? My guess is a simple cold since Suka is already over it. 🙂

Suka and Ellie enjoying the snow
Suka and Ellie enjoying the snow

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Pure bred dogs

“What makes a good breeder?” This is a question Sue Sternberg asked us all at the conference. We thought a breeder that only bred dogs with good temperaments and health, and a person that would always take their dogs back if the original owner could no longer care for it was a good breeder. Then we were asked why breeders typically only breed dogs from the same breed? And the answer is this: their first goal is looks. If it wasn’t then we would be breeding only exceptional dogs regardless of their breed. What does this lady have against pure breeds you ask? What is wrong with breeding healthy dogs with good temperaments to the other 3% of the breed that is healthy and has good temperaments? Its called inbreeding, no matter what we do to get the best of a breed we will always be getting closer and closer to developing dogs with major problems because of inbreeding. Sue is one of the only people I’ve had experience with that can really see a dog for what it is. I have a hard time looking at a border collie in a shelter, and beautiful golden retrievers for that matter. She challenged us with breeding two dogs with different genetic backgrounds for temperament, so we can have social dogs that have high thresholds and are unlikely to bite children. She also made a point to remind us of WWII and what the idea of a pure race can do.