Pup-A-Tunities Class Starting in April!

Dog Training Class Class starts Thursday, April 3 2014 and runs for 5 weeks in Sandpoint.  This course is designed to give puppies a healthy balance of socialization and training that is easy for any dog owner.  Pup-A-Tunities gives owners the understanding it takes to train any behavior or get rid of any pesky, annoying behavior while maintaining a respectful relationship.

Come meet your pup’s new best friends!  Class size is limited.  Register at North Idaho Animal Hospital to reserve your spot or call 208-627-8134.


Microchips not enough to keep dogs out of testing labs…

Here is an article that talks about the use of shelter animals as testing animals. We all know that without the use of animals we wouldn’t have a vast number of medical surgeries available to us now. But when it comes to our pets being used as test subjects things change. Especially when our pet is microchiped.

This article talks about an adopted dog that later got lost and was sold to the University of Utah as a test subject for students learning how to do heart bypass surgery. But the shelter who picked up the dog never contacted the name on microchip. Because of this the university will now by test animals from specialized breeders. Yep, you read that right. These breeders make $1,000 for every cat and $2,000 for every dog! Our shelters are packed and we have breeders making a killing on selling dogs to laboratories. I don’t like the idea of shelter animals being used for testing, but if the shelter is going to euthanize the animal anyway it makes sense that it would serve a purpose and make it so that our doctors can save our lives. To me, the bigger crime here is people breeding animals to be test subjects!

Click on the photo to read the full article:

At least the shelter animals have a chance at life.

What do you think? What would be a better solution?

Collie Club Herding Fun in Mead

Everyone had fun on Saturday when dogs were introduced to herding sheep and ducks!
Here are some more of the participants:

Dogs were brought in with sheep or ducks with their owner and a trainer to see how they reacted. Some dogs showed a lot of interest and immediately started to circle or drive the sheep. Others were unsure about what to do or if they were ‘allowed’ to interact with the sheep. Dog that did show appropriate interest were given a title from the AHBA. These ‘Herding Capability Tested’ dogs will hopefully get to do some more herding!
Some other dogs and their handlers went out for their ‘Junior Herding Dog’ titles and they did a little more with the sheep and ducks. Here is a video that shows one of the runs on the ducks. You can see how keen she is on the sheep and doesn’t notice the ducks at first.

Thank you to everyone that made this event possible!

Search and Rescue Dogs in Japan

As we all know Search and Rescue dog teams have been deployed to Japan to help find survivors of the aftermath. Here is an article about some of the teams from the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. This group rescues dogs out of shelters and trains them for Search and Rescue. Sandpoint has even had a dog sent to them from the Panhandle Animal Shelter! They take dogs that are highly driven from all over and bring them to their facility in California for a year of training before being handed over to their new handler. If you would like to donate to the foundation click here.

An Unexpected Event…

Hello everyone,

Eichardts, Laughing Dog and Pend Oreille Winery are determined to help us raise money to pay our crazy heating bill! They are planning an impromptu event this Saturday, March 12 from noon until close to raise the funds…their goal is $5000! Come have a great time, support a wonderful cause and a true community driven effort by our dedicated local businesses. If you can’t come, but you want to show your support, you can make a donation by clicking here be sure to write a note stating (Laughing Dog event) and we’ll add it to their total.

The event is $20 per person. The price of admission includes food from Eichardts Pub, a drink, raffle tickets and a whole lot of fun! Dogs are welcome to attend.

We would appreciate volunteer assistance (bringing adoptable dogs and people working the door), donated items for the raffle and your help in promoting the event. Please forward this email!

Event Details:

Location: Laughing Dog’s New Brewery on Fontaine in Ponderay next to Papa Murphy’s
Date: This Saturday, March 12
Time: 12:00p until close
Price: $20.00 per person

I hope to see you there,

Mandy Evans
Executive Director
Panhandle Animal Shelter