Locally Made Anticeptic Specifically For Dog Pads!

Tuff N Up
Handhills Tuff N Up is a great product to help out dogs with cut, torn or worn down pads. This is a solution that you put on your dog’s pads to help your dog’s feet “tuff n up” and prepare for the snow or just for a long hike or a jog on pavement. I have more than one friend who took their dog for a bike ride and their dog ran until he had worn his pads so low they actually bled – a lot. Sled dog mushers, sheep herders and agility people all know the importance of keeping their dog’s feet healthy and are proactive about it but it is just as important for weekend warriors. This product is safe and doesn’t have any artificial dyes like similar products out there. If you herd you know Handhills out of Coeur d’Alene and they only sell products that they use on their own dogs.

Click here to visit their website where you can order online. I love the photos they have of how fast pads heal with Tuff N Up!

Locally Made Dog Gear!

EZY Dog has a great line of products that you have probably seen at your local pet store but did you know that their headquarters are here in North Idaho? The makers of the first shock absorbing leash (for anyone who doesn’t want their shoulders pulled out of their sockets) with a great handle that is soft on your hands. Or if you are looking for a collar that wont stink after being worn for a couple of months these guys have some great solutions. Known for their outstanding leashes, harnesses, and collars they offer a lot more. Check out their site to see all they have to offer!

Locally made dog vitamins!

Thorne Research Pet Vitamins/Supplements Made just a few minutes west of Sandpoint these vitamins are probably the freshest vitamins you can buy for your pet – or yourself for that matter! After my doctor recommended them to me I realized they made products for dogs as well. Check out what they have to offer your pets who need a little extra boost or for those of you wanting to get a preventative edge for your dog.

Locally made dog treats!

Does your dog love local treats as much as you do? Here is a list of some of the local goodies available:

Pine St. Bakery
Fresh dog treats daily!
710 Pine Street, Sandpoint
(208) 263-9012

Libby’s Best Dog Bakery
Made locally in Hayden, Idaho these USDA certified organic dog treats
are sure to please even the most finicky of pups! These wholesome
treats come in assorted shapes, including bone, heart, and cat and are
1-1.5 inches in size. Available in 8oz boxes.

Sweet E’s
All natural pet treats
Coeur d’Alene
(208) 930-4350

Dog Biscotti
219 W Canfield, Coeur d’Alene
(208) 772-0220

EZY Dog Equipment

No site about dogs in North Idaho would be complete with out a post on EZY Dog so here it is!


EZY Dog is a local company out of Sandpoint that makes quality equipment for dogs; collars, harnesses, leashes, packs, coats, etc. Their niche is in making dog products that work, last, and they all look good. Their products are geared toward outdoor fun with your dog; what could be more perfect for North Idaho?
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